Beauty is Joi and Joy is Essential

Are you the type of person who has made yourself the last to receive your tender love and care?  Do you give so much to others that you have little left for yourself?  Relax.

You have finally found Beauty is Joi, and it is Joi’s belief is that Joy is essential.

Your skin is so glad you are here!  Think of all your skin has been through – wind and rain, heat and humidity, cold dry days. It has been through your best and the worst of times. Let’s face it – your stress is your skin’s stress, and it has been helping you hold everything together for a long, long, time.  Doesn’t it need a luxurious relaxing break?  And don’t you deserve to care for yourself and be cared for in return?

Whether you are acne prone, suffer from hyper-pigmentation (dark or red blotches), want to slow down the signs of aging and need a fully prescribed skin care program; or you simply want enhance what you have – with perhaps smooth, hair-free skin or long lashes, Beauty is Joi. She customizes her services to suit you.  As Joi says emphatically, “One size definitely doesn’t fit all in my business!”

Let’s see what kind of Joy our dear Joi has in store for you…

Now let’s get down to the basics of what Joi, your licensed skin care therapist, can do for you and your skin. Got blemishes, blackhead or whiteheads, signs of aging, greasy or dry patches, rosacea, hair you want removed, scraggly brows or teensy eyelashes.  Is your face, neck or back your problem area? No problem. Joi works with any part of your body in a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. 

Call or email Joi to talk about your skin care needs and schedule an appointment.