In my skin care practice, I’ve seen it all; and I know how to help YOU.  I focus on pampering you with custom care; and I guarantee you will see a big difference in your skin -- and your attitude! 

Joi will analyze your skin and customize your treatment to deep cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify or purify. Then she’ll apply a soothing mask or serum to add nutrients back into your skin.  Finally, she’ll finish by hydrating and protecting your skin from future damage.
$75 | 60 minutes

Mini Facial
Long on need but short on time? This mini facial will refresh you in record time. 
$45 | 30 minutes

Back “Facial”
Get rid of that back acne or those blackheads or bumps that you tend to ignore. Your back will look and feel great after this relaxing process.
$65 | 45 minutes

Think of Joi as a modern day alchemist, conjuring up skin potions that will work best for you.  She’s a trained and practiced esthetician, she knows just what your skin needs!

It didn’t take one day to develop your skin issues, so it may take a series of treatments to remind your skin how healthy it can be. Series pricing is available. 

Advanced Resurfacing
With extensive exfoliation in the multi-step process, results can be visible even after the first treatment -- great for softening lines and wrinkles, smoothing skin, minimizing “dark spots.” 
$100 - $150 | 60-90 minutes

Smoothing Body Peel
Perfect for rough elbows and knees, callused feet, keratosis-pilaris, hyper-pigmentation “dark spots” or acne prone skin.  Customized for the 25% of your body you need most; and price varies, depending on body part                                                           
$65 - $150 

Prescribed Facials to Accelerate Your Results
Your advanced unique skincare will be prescribed by Joi, to clarify, oxygenate or rejuvenate your skin.
$85 - $105 | 60-90 minutes

Additional Services

Wax Hair Removal for Him or Her

Looking to get smooth hair-free skin?  I can remove hair from most any part of the body.

Brows | $15
Chin | $15
Upper Lip| $15

Under Arms | $20
Lower or Upper Legs | $35
Both Lower and Upper Legs | $60
Lower or Upper Arms | $30
Lower and Upper Arms | $50
Back | $35
Chest | $25
Stomach | $10
Bikini | starting at $25
Brazilian | starting at $45


Brow or Lash Tinting
Brow or Lashes | $25           
Both Brow and Lashes | $40                  

Lash Extensions
Obsessing for Kardashian-like Lush Lashes?  Now you can have them! Let Joi explain. Get the same affect with NaturaLash semipermanent last extentions. Go to for details.

Lash Extensions       $250 - $350
Lash Fill-in              $75 for the first hour; $1 per minute thereafter