Joi Aikens is a self-proclaimed “product junkie” – especially when it comes to all things skincare.  Ironically, when she registered for the 14-month certification program at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, her goal was to get into makeup artistry.  However, the skincare classes grabbed her attention fast. 

Students had to learn about the purpose and use of different skincare products and get regular facials as part of their lab requirements. After having spent lots of time and money with dermatologists, Joi saw a big difference in her own skin through the personalized care techniques learned with her classmates. “I saw that I could have complete control of my skin condition without the aid of a doctor. I was skin-clear and blemish-free! I went from medicine to cosmeseuticals; and this has worked wonders for my clients and me.”

After receiving certification in microdermabrasion, spa treatments and reflexology through the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics and becoming certified in PCA chemical peels and NaturaLash semi-permanent lash applications, Joi created an spa-like office environment that makes her clients feel cared for and pampered.  “To me, skin care esthetics is more than treating the skin. I want to make sure that each client feels good – not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually through the process.” To do that, Joi creates a nurturing environment as she applies her potions that are specially concocted for each individual.    

Ironically, in her younger years, Joi was a licensed certified chef who traveled around as Sous Chef for her uncle, celebrity chef Curtis Aikens, as he traveled all over America.  “That’s not as different a career as it would seem,” Joi explains.  Back then I was cooking up concoctions to make tummies feel good – now I concentrate on the whole body, mind and spirit.”